Angle cutter set makes it quick and easy to cut boards

Do you cut boards at a construction site? Or do you often find yourself waiting for the guy doing the cutting to hurry up and finish? There are often long waiting times involved when it comes to cutting boards, especially when using the traditional pencil-and-ruler approach. All this waiting is not strictly necessary.

There is a lack of time and skilled tradesmen at Danish construction sites. One of the areas where time is a particular problem is the cutting and processing of boards. No matter whether it’s ceiling boards, wall panels, tabletops or facade insulation, it takes time to cut boards to the right size.

Angle cutter set from

The guiderail that your circular saw runs along can help to ensure you get a straight cut, but the rail was developed in 1964 and hasn’t been updated since, even though there are many different manufacturers. So this means that you still need to use your trusty old pencil and ruler to get the measurements right.

Rail sets with angles save time

With an angle guide rail from, you can combine several working processes together and cut down your working time. You can save a lot of time measuring things out – while simultaneously securing a more accurate result. Simply put the guide rail together with the main rail which has both measurements and degrees. You can now quickly and simply set the rail to the exact right measurement and angle that you need.

The guide rail model can also be used in a beveled position and with an end stop, so that you can cut through several identical pieces at the same time. If you turn the guide rail over, you can then use it to cut boards with your utility knife. And the angle cutter set from is entirely mechanical, so you don’t need to mess around with wires or batteries.

If you have to drag around a lot of rafters or heavy, thick boards as part of your work, then you can use the angle cutter set to save yourself a great deal of heavy lifting. Simply cut your timber or boards directly from the pallet they are delivered on. This will help you speed up your work and you can even help yourself avoid developing back pain as well.


Leave the pencil and ruler behind

Are you tired of marking up your boards with a pencil? Do you wish you could get through your work more quickly and easily, and with more precision? Then order your new angle cutter set from today!

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